Hi everyone, umm, where do I start? I’m Ajit and I am currently a Research Fellow at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Harvard Medical School.

I work on multi-dimensional characterization of minimal residual disease (MRD’s) in lymphoma to delineate their genetic, transcriptional, spatial and biophysical attributes at a single-cell level to identify MRD-specific vulnerabilities, thereby to shift the paradigm of lymphoma treatment from maximum tumor debulking to cure.

My study also catalyzes advances across other cancer types by providing the necessary platform technologies, resources and computational tools. The ultimate impact that I envision is a paradigm shift toward biomarker-based approaches for converting deep remissions of lymphomas into cures.

I received a PhD in cancer genetics and genomics from the University of Edinburgh. During my PhD I used large cancer datasets to identify, characterize and model immune system across different tumor types. I developed ImSig, a network-based computational framework that facilitates the characterization of immune cells within the tumor microenvironment.

I am also a strong vocalist for open science. I had developed a platform to connect science, scientists, and the public. I firmly believe that proper communication between scientists and people would be extremely beneficial in tackling some of the greatest challenges that we face together as a species. To promote this, I had established a platform called “The Surg” solely to provide a destination for people to learn about the latest research from scientists themselves.

Some of you might also know me from some of the social issue initiatives that I took on. You can check them out on my media page. Beyond these, I enjoy drawing, painting and playing basketball. If you would like to get in touch with me, text me through my facebook page.

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